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Learning is work. This is no different with Thomas Rike language courses. However, with Thomas Rike you will learn nothing superfluous. Less is more. With Thomas Rike's audio books you learn a language almost on the side - while driving, falling asleep or walking. No grammar. Only the most important idioms. This ensures quick learning success and long-lasting motivation.

The Thomas Rike method

Reduction to the essential. This is the core of Thomas Rike's learning method. Paired with excellent quality, techniques that have been practiced for many years and the latest didactic insights, you will learn all the important vocabulary and idioms in a short time in order to communicate skilfully in a new language. Give it a try!

Learning a new language is like building a new bridge, because every bridge is also a link between different cultures, religions and economic areas. Mastering a second language literally bridges the gap between different countries and language areas.

Since the beginning, we have worked with native speakers and clients around the world to develop training to improve linguistic and communication skills regardless of age and level of knowledge. This way, courses by the author Thomas Rike and his team create unique learning experiences. In concrete terms, for our clients this means learning and speaking a language quickly and effectively. Thomas Rike is passionately committed to your rapid learning success!

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